What is your favorite fragrance, and why is it so special?

Fragrances turn on our senses and our memories: that could include your first puppy love, romantic moments while walking along a river way, roses that were delivered for a special occasion, a potpourri scent that reminds you of a summer day. And, these scents can vary from floral to fresh-smelling outdoor trees. Almost always, there is an emotional reaction with various scents. Can you imagine that way back in 3000 BC, Egyptians were importing large quantities of Myrrh? And that Athens, Greece, by the 7th century BC, had hundreds of perfume shops. So, history and today unite in seeking, finding and fulfilling the desire to enjoy a variety of fragrances.




One of the fragrance lines that I have particularly enjoy is Juniper Ridge. It is unisex and never fails that when I wear it, people always comment. I recall one gentleman saying to me, “Your perfume smells like a field of fresh clover.“ So, I knew that scent was working for me.


juniper Ridge


Because each person’s body responds differently to fragrance, it’s interesting to try different one’s out. Another time, when I was grocery shopping, a male shopper came along side of me, and just plain out asked me if I minded him asking what scent I was wearing. This time it happened to be a French perfume. Obviously, perfumes attract.

There are some wonderful package buys out there during the holidays that allow for a sort of mix and match grouping of fragrances, giving opportunity to do the “sniff and wear” test.

What’s a favorite for you, or what has brought back a good memory?

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