Tricolour Cloud Nail Polishing 

Tricolour Cloud Nail Polishing 

This kind of nail art is very simple. So this is the best choice for a nail artist who is starting out. What do you need? Not needed much material or extra tools from your nail polishes for this. This tutorial will be the guide for you but you can use the different colours. It’s up to you. Choice your colours and enjoy.


What will you need?

1-Pastel coral nail polish

2-Pastel turquoise nail polish

3-White nail polish


Tricolour Cloud Nail Polishing



How will you apply?  

1-First, clean the nails thoroughly.

2-Apply a base coat to your nails.

3- Use the turquoise nail polish to make a vertical stripe on back corner, while leaving a little space empty near the cuticle.

4-And do from the middle, a little lower. 

5-Make the last stripe, again a little lower.

6-You must have the same shape as the pictures in three steps.

7-Do the same things again but this time start from below the turquoise colour.

8-Do the same things with the coral colour.

9-Seal this one with a top layer.


That’s all. Enjoy it.


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