Thinning hair affects 40% of men and 25% of women by age 40. Thinning hair is a death sentence for long hair, as long hair will start to look streaky, and it does look very unmaintained if you can see the skin of the scalp through a head of very long hair.


thinning of hairs


Hence, and this is an exception, a good cut that enhances hair texture and face shape is the best tack to counter the effects of thinning hair. A shorter cut makes hair look thicker. Styling mousses, foams and conditioners add fullness. Shampooing more often makes hair fluffy. Coloring can give tone to lighter, blond hairs and actually thickens hair shafts by bonding to them. Products derived from minoxidil – a colorless, fragrance-free liquid that purportedly regrows hair – can be purchased now without a prescription. It prolongs the growth phase of the hair cycle, allowing hairs to become longer and thicker.

Thinning can also occur when your body is having health problems – e.g. lack of some required vitamines or minerals. You may want to visit a doctor and have a global blood analysis done, which does not cost too much but can point out health problems. Cases have been reported where ladies started to shed an unusual amount of hair, and a doctor’s examination indicated the lack of a certain mineral. After taking tablets containing the required substance, the hair condition goes back to normal.

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