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The Effect of Stress On Your Skin

Persons prone to acne are more likely to break out during stressful events due to the increase in circulating hormone levels. The increased hormone production, stimulated by stressful events, causes the sebaceous gland to produce more oil that makes the dead skin cells lining the pores slippery. These dead skin cells then slide over the pores and plug them, trapping bacteria that digest the oil and causing an acne lesion. Thus, individuals who are prone to breaking out should try to avoid excess stress.


The Effect of Stress On Your Skin


All types of stressful events tend to aggravate acne in males and females alike. However, adolescents are typically less able to adjust to stress in their lives than adults and, therefore, stress induced acne may be more common in younger persons. While complete elimination of stress in daily lives is highly unlikely, there are a number of ways to reduce stress levels and, in turn, improve your skin condition. For instance, if it is not possible to eliminate the stressful events or activities in your life, consider relaxation techniques, biofeedback, meditation or yoga, and different types of exercises to reduce your stress levels.

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