Splatter Nail Polishing 

Splatter Nail Polishing 

This nail art is for the independent artist in you. You can easily make a colourful paint splatter pattern in several minutes. What do you need for this? Not needed extra tools from your nail polishes and paintbrush. You can use the different colours which you want. It’s up to you. Choice your favourite colours and enjoy.


What will you need?

1-A paint brush (Stiff one preferred)

2-Purple nail polish

3-Light blue or turquoise nail polish

4-White nail polish

5-Pink nail polish


Splatter Nail Polishing


How will you apply?  

1-First, clean the nails thoroughly.

2-Apply a base coat to your nails. (White is the best for the base colour)

3-Are you ready, the fun part begins. Take the stiff brush, dip it in the turquoise nail polish and run your fingers through the stiff brush. Direct the brush at your nails. Feel the strokes of the brush. And watch the splatters on the nails.   

4-Do the same steps for the pink colour.

5-Do the same steps for the purple colour.

6-Now cleaning; take a cotton swab and dip it in acetone or nail polish remover

7-Clean up all the dirty sides of nails.

8-Seal this one with a top layer.

That’s all. Enjoy it.


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