Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets

Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets

Kim Kardashian Beauty Secrets Famous television star. Kim Kardashian, attracts attention at every invitation. She is very careful about her personal care. We share the beauty secrets of Kim Kardashian, which draws attention from her hair to her eyelashes.

She Washes Her Hairs 2 Times in a Week

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The secret of hair care of the famous phenomenon is quite simple, she washes her hairs 2 times in a week. Washing hair 2 times a week is healthy for hair, many hair stylist verified that. And for health hair it is important to remember the importance of healthy nutrition too.When Kardashian uses shampoo for her hair, she wears a gentle shampoo, made for sensitive hair.

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Eyebrows Shaping

Famous television star pays great attention to shaping eyebrows.Kardashian has shaped her own eyebrows throughout her life untill she met hairdresser Anastasia Soare. There is a secret of eyebrow shaping; which is after taking showers when skin pores open she is shaping her eyebrows.

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Eye Make-up

She has secret to get rid of the remains of eye makeup dust.She is using transparent powder under eyes and end of the makeup she is removing by smooth makeup brushes.

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Choose a Blush Tone

She is creating a combination by blending her favorite lipstick and blusher to find the best tone. Although she is considering to the skin tone for best blush tone for herself.

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Secret of Unusual Lashes

Flashy eyelashes are makeup essential for her. She loves to tail hair and use spectacular eyelashes. When she using the false eyelashes, she uses the eyelash pin is used tweezers to distribute equally everywhere.

Face Contour

Kim Kardashian loves to make facial contour and sharp cheekbones.Alson she does not prefer concealer that are brighter than they are.

Secret of her Flawless skin

She owes the smoothness of his skin to Korean massage. The famous star work that relies on its masseur in Los Angeles does not give up its Asian massage when it comes to smooth skin.

Those are the most well-known Kardashian beauty secrets that Kardashian applies always.