Keeping Red Hair Red

If you have chemically treated red hair then you know it can be difficult to keep it from fading. And if you have gone from blond to red you know it can seem near impossible to keep the red in you hair. After years of experience going from blond to red, red to blond, and several other metamorphoses the experts have come to know the secrets of the red locks.

Keeping Red Hair Red 2

The first thing to know is that red is the largest hair color molecule and therefore it is difficult to get it to stick. However, once you have gotten it to hold it is also the most difficult to get rid of. Because of this, if you are going from blond to red (particularly treated blond) the first thing you want to focus on is keeping the red tone in your hair. You can focus on the specific shade you want later. If you are not blond, getting the shade you want now will most likely be an easier feat.

If you are coloring your own hair you can lock the color in by putting a shower cap over your hair (while the color is on your hair) and applying heat with a blow dryer. Whether you are coloring your own hair or having a professional color it; make sure you wait 24 – 48 hours before washing it. This allows the color to lock and settle into your hair.

In order to keep your hair red make sure you use a color safe shampoo, a great one is Redken Color Extend Shampoo. In addition, if you really want to see you color last, wash your hair in cold water. This is the ultimate way to keep your color lasting the longest and the shade brighter longer. Nothing will fade your red hair faster than hot water, so cold, cold, cold! It’s worth it for the results you will see.

The next trick to have in your bag is a color glaze that adds both color and shine to your hair between colorings. The best one for this is John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze. It comes in shades for both bright red hair and dark red hair,. Only takes three minutes, you can do it in the shower, and it leaves your hair really soft.

The last, but one of the most important things is to use a daily color sealer. John Frieda Color Envy Daily Color Sealer yields amazing results. It locks your color in daily, protects it from the elements, and adds shine. This product really works to prevent fading on a daily basis.

If after taking these steps you still find your color to be fading, check the styling products you are using. Some styling products will fade you color very quickly. Choose a line that does not fade color or is formulated for chemically treated hair. Aveda’s products are made with color treated hair in mind and will be much gentler on your red locks.

Most of all be patient and follow these steps to build the red shade that you really want. If you are in the sun a lot use a sun screen on your hair to prevent fading. The more you use these tips the more results you will see and the more you will see of the red you really love.