Inspiration: Stone Diary

Now that wispy peasant blouses and safari-chic khakis have knocked the tweed back into our closets, pairing a thick strand of turquoise, amber or moonstone with a delicate blouse feels refreshingly modern. Worn with a fitted blazer, a commanding succession of vintage beads lightens an outfit by instantly adding a dimension of unconventional charm. Here are a few interesting facts about the stones that make spring’s most coveted necklaces.


Nothing complements a safari-inspired blouse or a hippie-chic crochet dress like a turquoise pendant. Robin’s egg is the most popular shade of turquoise for jewellery. Turquoise was introduced to Europe via Turkey, hence its name.
Turquoise represents friendship, wisdom and overall physical well-being, according to gemstone lore.


Inspiration Stone Diary Turquise


turquoise stone



With its warm golden hue and unusual characteristics (sometimes including bugs), amber stones add eccentric flair to any outfit. The largest sources of amber are found in Russia and the Baltics. Insects and other particles in amber are called “inclusions.” Amber was valued by several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Phoenicians.








Off-white or transparent blue, this semi-precious stone is both understated and exotic. Moonstones originate from Sri Lanka. The stones range in colour from ivory to orange.



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