How to Touch a Boy

How to Touch a Boy

Where a guy and a girl relationship are concerned, there are a lot of considerations that can affect the relationship or reflect your character and nature. You cannot be behaving with them exactly the way you do with the same sex friends. In fact, everything, starting from your looks to your eye contact and from body language to the touch matters a lot when it comes to guy-girl dynamics. Among this, one of the most critical aspects for a girl is the touch. Most of the fairer sex does not know how to touch a boy. A lot of times this ends up giving wrong signals and might lead to a disaster.

Check this guide on how to ideally touch a boy:

Hug Him:

One of the best ways to make a physical contact and touch a guy without giving any wrong intentions is to hug him. This is a perfect way to show how much you care. Just spread your arms and hug him tight but do not linger for a long time until and unless you want him to feel you have a romantic interest in him. Also, there should a very good reason why you are hugging him. It could be to congratulate or to comfort him. It can also be at times when you are greeting him. However, make sure you have a reason. Make sure you tilt the head to one side to avoid coming close to his face that might make things awkward.

Squeeze the Shoulder:

Another of the good and traditional ways of touching a boy is to squeeze his shoulder. This is a good way to show that you care for him in all the ways possible. All you need to do is move ahead and squeeze the left or the right arm or shoulder while facing him. This can be cone when you want to comfort him or calm him down. A quick second is all you need to squeeze, the rule is not to linger for long.

Touch the Elbow Region:

Open you palm and touch his elbow for some moments while you are facing him. This is another of the perfect ways to touch a boy. This will show your affection towards him. This should only be a pat on the elbow. If the fingers linger on his skin, it will be more of an intimacy sign and might lead to something more that you do not want.

Patting the Hand:

Gentle patting on the guys hand for about a couple of seconds is one of the best ways to touch him. This will give him the comfort you think he requires without giving extra signals. This can be done when you are sitting in front of him and his hands are on the table or else when he is sitting by your side and his hands are on his knees. If you hold the hands with your fingers it might look more intimate. This will make him feel special without going overboard.

Patting the Back:

Patting the back is another of the good old methods to touch a guy for showing affection and not when you want to flirt. Patting once or twice on the back will show him you care. Do not move your hands on his back if you do not have flirting in the mind.

Kiss on the Cheek:

An intimate but subtle way of touching a guy is too kiss him briefly on the cheek. This will show him your romantic edge without getting too naughty. It is a perfect touch for girls who are flirting.