How to Prepare For a Date

How to Prepare For a Date

We all have been through those moments when butterflies make their home in our stomachs. Anxiety takes over, OMG what to wear? How to do the hair? Make-up or no make up? Will she like my face? Will he like me or not? what do we speak or talk? Too many questions before a date, however, have you thought about how to prepare for the important tete-a-tete this evening?


1. When you do decide on a date, assuming you know the person well enough by now, take him or her to a place which is public. It’s always good to have a venue such as a movie hall, an ice cream parlor, a coffee shop or simply a park. Never ever take your date to a secluded place, your home or to another friends place. You never know the person and their intentions, hence be safe. Moreover, you need to be comfortable about having the person around in your private and personal space, and this is why we ask you to be at a public place for your own safety and security.

2. Dress and groom well, but don’t overdo it. For example, if the two of you are meeting up for lunch, dress according to the venue. If it is a date that would extend well into the night, ensure you keep a tab of the weather. Carry a coat if need be, so that you stay warm through the evening and into the night.

3. For boys: Ensure that you treat your date with care, be chivalrous, open the door for her and dress as a person who she would like to meet time and again. Hair should be combed or gelled well, however, don’t go overboard with the hair do. Your face should be washed well, a facial would do good and you would glow too. Don’t dress shabby and don’t be too funky, she wants to meet a boy or a man, not a clown who would make her feel awkward. Girls don’t like men to be too loud, so manners should be in place.

4. For girls: Ensure you stick to minimal make up and accessories. Just because he fancies women in heels and short skirts, it doesn’t mean you have to dress that way. Be yourself, men love women who showcase simplicity, wit and charm, ladylike and sweet. However, you could dole up your image, get a facial, a nice but natural hair do, carry a small tote bag, dress according to what the weather permits. Too much of skin show would send out the wrong intentions, but dress to please yourself first.

5. For men and women; ensure that reservations are made for the dining and wine tasting. Be half an hour early at the venue to ensure everything is in place. Relax, take a deep breath and greet your date with a smile. If the two of you are okay with a handshake and a hug, go ahead and exchange one each. Alcohol and smoking any which ways isn’t good for health, so we advice keeping away from it on the first date. However, if the two of you are okay with it, the choice is yours.

Moot point:

The main reason you both have met is because you enjoy each other’s nature. However, at the coffee table is where everyone is nice, the truth comes out later on. Enjoy your evening; leave all judgments and opinions back home. Smile, laugh, joke, eat, drink and make merry, be your real self, and the true one will want to hold your hand and walk again.