How to Kiss in Good Morning

How to Kiss in Good Morning

Waking by the side of the person you love is like a dream for most men and women, and when you see it happening in real, you always want the beginning of that new day to be memorable. Well this goes for the people in general too. If you wake up by the side of the love of your life, you always want to start the day with a lot of exciting things. And what can be more exciting that the first morning kiss for or from your partner? So here are a few tips that will make the morning kiss go perfect for you.

Keep Mint Handy:

Are you scared of bad breath early in the morning? And obviously it is a boring idea to get up early and brush before hand, it somehow spoils the excitement. The solution to it is, keep mint by your side, and if it is a gum, make sure you get rid of it before kissing.  Also practice habits like drinking plenty water, using a mint based mouthwash and brushing before bed time each day to get rid of bad breath.

First Moves:

You cannot surely jump on the partner and start off, so start with getting closer and gentle kisses here and there before progressing to the lip lock. If it starts well, it sure is going to go well too. Hugs and cuddles add to the comfort and closeness too, and nobody wants to be kissed from a distance anyways.

Do Not Rush:

Even if you day is going to be stressful and you have not time, do not rush with the kiss. Let it be a sweet gesture to wake your other half instead of a routine chore. Forget about getting to work on time, rush with the regular work instead of the sweetest thing at morning.

Open Your Eyes – But Just for a Fraction of Second:

Keeping your eyes open while kissing can be taken as disinterest from your partner’s end. So keep the eyes closed. And if you are waking your partner up with a sweet kiss, open the eyes just for a fraction of second. It somehow adds to the sex appeal. If your eyes meet, both of you probably have the same thing on mind!!

Use Your Hands:

Using your hands on your partner or to keep them closer makes the kiss last longer and adds passion between you two. But here, do not overdo or rush. Start softly and gently and then proceed as per the situation.

Keep the Morning Greetings for Later:

You cannot do two things at the same time. So do not talk while you are kissing. A good morning wish can wait till the good morning kiss is playing its part. And you never know if it is required at all or not. Nobody likes being talked to between a kiss anyways.

Relax and Enjoy the Connection:

Like said before, it is not a morning routine job. So just relax and enjoy. The way you day starts has a lot of impact on the way it progresses, with your partner too. To surprise your partner and it surely will come back in a better way.

Do not Stop your Partner:

One thing leads to other; if you initiated the kiss and your partner wants to take it to another level then do not stop him/her. This not only shows disrespect for their emotions but also makes it weird and an uncalled for behaviour.

With these basic tips, hope you have several good morning for yourself and with more confidence each time.