How to Impress Someone on a First Date

How to Impress Someone on a First Date

Watching old but famous sitcoms such as “Sex and the City”, Carrie Bradshaw tells us a lot about the dating game, and surviving as a real life woman in the big city. Everyone wants to be the ultra queen or the alpha male at the game of dating. They have the looks, money, power and status, but fail to impress. No one actually knows the rules of dating, because honestly there are none. Everyone is of the opinion that impressions are opinions of the other; hence to make a good impression on your date, you’d have to be yourself first.


Be Yourself:

1. Just be yourself, because the one, who wants to date you and be with you, would be impressed with your honesty. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t groom for the occasion. Men and women are known by the impression they create. There are no second chances and having said that, one doesn’t have to turn the earth upside down to be the best. Talk with wit and humor included, without crossing the line or being offensive. If you have no idea about what is being spoken, gently let your date know that you are unaware of what they speak. Maybe this would either make them change the topic or you could learn something knew which would then show him or her that you are happy being in their company.

Be Polite:

2. Be polite and courteous with everyone you meet or see around, should they happen to cross your way. In many cases you may come across an elderly couple on the next table, smile at them occasionally. Maybe you see a pet with it’s owner at the takeaway, go ahead and compliment the pet and ask your date if he or she is okay that you caress the pet’s head for a while. Be polite with the bartender, butler or the waiter; thank them for the food being served and the wine and water too. Small gestures count and are noticed.

Be Respectful:

3. If you do have to take an important call while the date is on, do excuse yourself and walk out. Don’t make a scene screaming your lungs out on the phone in front of him or her. When you do take the call and have left your date alone, keep it short. Ensure you come back and apologize to them for waiting. Show your interest and ask them to begin where the conversation was cut short, this shows him or her how interested you were in the conversation.

Be honest:

4. Sometimes it happens that an emergency of sorts has happened, maybe someone back home has taken bad and your folks need you. In such cases, politely explain to your date looking them into the eye that you have a situation. This shows them that you really are sorry for cutting things short, and that you genuinely need to rush.

Dont force her:

5. At the end of the date, men always accompany the woman home, but if she wants to be on her own whilst travelling back home, let her be. Do not force a woman for a hug, kiss or a handshake if you feel she isn’t comfortable with such acts. When you reach home, do message or text him or her, thank them for the lovely evening and keep it to that.

Be real:

Don’t expect the stars to fall and the moon to dance when being on a date. You need to be as real as possible, but don’t over do it or else you wouldn’t leave behind a good impression. Stick to the manners of being lady like or a gentle man, talk and interact but observe your date too.