How to Enjoy Dating

How to Enjoy Dating

Dating is fun when done the right way. One doesn’t need to be a macho stud or a charming princess to be “cool” and great at the act of dating. Consider it as an art, where perfection doesn’t exist, because dating is about meeting someone over a casual coffee moment, and they say a lot can happen over a steaming cup. Dating shouldn’t be a chore, and yes the butterflies in the stomach have happened to even the best of the lot. So say goodbye to those pangs of anxiety, breathe easy boys and girls, and get ready to have a nice time this evening.

The date:

Treat your date as you would a friend, and watch how you create magic. A lot of times we tend to mistake creating an impression by being show offs or speaking too much about our achievements. The trick is to be modest and yet attractive at the same time. So what you really need to do and to be is to be who you really are.



Now that doesn’t mean you don’t groom yourself for the evening. Men and women both need grooming and one doesn’t have to spend large sums on that. A simple facial before the evening sets in, nails painted, hair combed neatly, clothes ironed and shoes polished, that’s it.

Go ahead and make reservations at the restaurant, and be there at least thirty minutes before she or he arrives. This would allow you to check for every detail, and you would also have the time to settle down, take a breath and wait for him or her to arrive.

At the table:

When she arrives, be courteous to stand up and greet her. Pull the chair for her to sit, and then take your seat. This was for the boys and men, women on the other hand should walk in on time, and with a smile greet their dates. Smiles can create magic, so both men and women must flaunt it well at the first meet.

If the two of you are okay with a sip of wine, go right ahead but stay in limits. Enjoy the wine or any other beverage and catch up with common small talks, movies, theatre, politics, and fashion, anything that would interest the two of you. Don’t be too strong with opinions, rather enjoy being neutral with your talks.


At the venue if you do see someone dressed awkwardly, resist commenting on the same. This wouldn’t showcase you as a person in good light, because if you could speak badly about someone you don’t know, the date would wonder what you would speak about them when you finish the evening.

Table manners are a must; hence eat small portions, and no chewing noises while doing so. Burping at the table speaks badly about your persona, if you need to do so, cup your lips with a kerchief and do it quietly. The same would be with coughing and sneezing too.

Order what the two would like to have for lunch, dinner or simply as a snack. Maybe suggest but don’t force a dish on your date. Enjoy telling him or her in short why you like it, and why they should try it.

While talking, don’t get physical or touchy, sometimes it happens and if you aren’t comfortable with someone doing that, your actions on a gentle note would tell them so. Hence, resist touching her or him, and be cordial.

In the end:

Keep the conversation neutral and lively, if one of you opts paying the bill, the other should at least offer to pay some amount. Respect each others views and opinions, smile and have fun talking. Dating is fun, keep it healthy, expect less and make the evening memorable.