How Can You Tell When Good Cosmetics Have Gone Bad

Old makeup and applicators are not only unattractive, but unhygienic. How can you tell when good cosmetics have gone bad?

Makeup you use around your eyes, like mascara and eyeliner, should be replaced every three months. Bacteria often enters the eye and can be spread through the makeup’s barrel.

Cream or liquid-based products should be replaced once a year to prevent infections. This includes products like foundation or cream-based eyeshadow.

Creams with a large quantity of oil often need to be replaced more frequently because they go rancid. Check the product’s color — if it’s noticeably darker, you should throw it out.


How Can You Tell When Good Cosmetics Have Gone Bad


Makeup with a powder base can be replaced every two years. But it should be cleaned often by wiping a tissue over the surface.

Latex sponges, like makeup wedges, should be discarded after one use. Make an inexpensive investment and buy a large bag of them at the drug store.

Brushes can be used indefinitely as long as they are cleaned once a week. Look for special solutions, like Ultronics, at a beauty supply store or a department-store cosmetics counter. The best cleaners call for the bristles to soak; spray-on products just don’t do the job.

Dry brushes on a sunny windowsill. You can use a hair dryer, but you run the risk of drying out or damaging the bristles.

If you develop a contagious infection, such as conjunctivitis, you should throw out all products and brushes you used around the infected area

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