Home Tool Kit For Hairs

Having the right tools at hand can make the difference between a good hair day and a bad one. Following is a list of tools that you all want to keep handy to help you deal with any styling situation. All are readily available at your local drugstore, beauty supply store, or mass merchandiser for a minimal investment.


Home Tool Kit For Hairs


Vent brush: The holes in the base allow air from your blow-dryer to pass through the brush to your hair, making drying time faster. This brush is best for working the roots, but it is also great for adding volume to almost any hair type.

Paddle brush: The large fiat base of the paddle brush makes it excellent for styling longer locks and straightening curly hair. Look for one with a rubber base and nylon or natural bristles.

Round brush: The most popular styling tool in salons, the round brush flips hair up, turns it under, or creates volume on top while you are blow-drying. The best round brush is one with natural bristles which are gentler on hair.

Wide-tooth comb: This is an absolute must for combing wet hair and getting rid of tangles! The wider apart the combs teeth, the less damage is done to the hair when combed wet.

Spray bottle: One of the handiest items to have, use it to spray problem areas rather than rewetting your hair all over. Any plastic bottle that spritzes water will do.

Hair pins or clips: Metal U-shaped hair pins work better than traditional bobby pins. Hair pins secure hair better and are easier to conceal. Use clips for pin-curl sets or clipping sections of hair back as you style it.

Ponytail holders and barrettes: Elastic holders and barrettes are necessary basics for quickly pulling your hair back.

Blow-dryer: A good blow-dryer should have a minimum of 1250 watts. Look for one with at least two speeds and three heat settings, hot, warm, and cool. Higher speeds and hotter settings remove moisture; lower speeds and cooler settings set the style in place with minimal heat damage and greater control. Many blow-dryers also come with attachments; look for one with a diffuser. A diffuser acts to spread out air flow, minimizing damage from direct heat. With a diffuser, it is much easier to style hair, because the air flow doesnt blow strands every which way.

Curling iron: A good, stainless steel curling iron can be used to create a variety of curly styles. Avoid plastic irons, which can overheat. Look for one with multiple settings and a safety switch that shuts off in case you forget. Depending on your styling needs and the length of your hair, you might also want to invest in some of the following:

A hood attachment for your blow-dryer or a hood dryer
A quality set of hot rollers or steam rollers
A good pair of trimming shears
A blow-dryer with brush, comb, and curling attachments
The new volume enhancing tools (attachments for your blow-dryer)
A variety of hair accessories, including bows, ornamental clips, headbands, hats, and scarves
Here are a few essentials you might also want to keep handy at the office or when you are on the go:

A comb or brush,
Barrettes, ponytail holders, and hair pins or clips,
A travel-size bottle of styling spray or hairspray,
A travel-size bottle of your favorite styling product.

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