Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs, How should I wear it?

We have had many readers request information on hairstyles. This article is an answer to our readers: What should we do with my new (first time) bangs?

A major change of look isn’t as pleasant as it should be. Looking at yourself in the mirror next morning can give you a headache, but the important thing is to focus on the reasons that made you choose it in the first place. More over, if it isn’t something drastic like cosmetic surgery, you can always return to your favorites.

Bangs are cool, and of course you might feel your hair down looks kinda tacky if you’re not used to it, but it’s possible to be wrong about it. So, if you were advised by a stylist get used to your new look, smile more and don’t say your opinion to anybody! Just enjoy the compliments. So, let’s see your options!


You also love to wear your haircut with bangs differently each day. You adapt your hairstyle to the way you’re dressed and of course to the occasion. Besides high ponytail, you wear your hair down, wavy and even curly.

You can wear a headband with a knot at the back of your neck like for holding back your bangs, and it looks cute with sideswept bangs as well. This also works for ponytails, or you can tie the ponytail scarf around your hair elastic into a bow.

You can use styling products to hide your bangs or blow dry it do different directions you want it to flow. Use a round brush to straighten it, if you have wavy, curly hair.

You might also like your hair twisted into a bun (if the length isn’t equal use gel to fix it, or let it come out for a casual wear).

You can pin your bangs back and up in the middle, or clip it up lower with sports wear. This hairstyle works also with low, plait ponytail or bun.

Grab the top layer of your hair and put it into a little ponytail, and clip it high at the back. Leave your bangs out!

You can also secure the top layer of your hair into a ponytail, twist it into a little bun, and clip your bangs up. It will looks great.