Glitter V-Tip Nail Polishing

Glitter V-Tip Nail Polishing 

Hey girls, Is there a party around the corner and you have plans about going party? Call the manicure salon and get an appointment from the salon for the special nail art! Oh manicurist have no free time for you. What you will do? Dont worry. Be quick and do the perfect nail polishing. Let’s do it.

It is very easy. We used silver and black colours. If you want you can use the different colours. It is up to you.


What will you need?

1-Silver glitter nail polish

2-Black nail polish

3-A ‘V’ shaped tape or sticker


Glitter V-Tip Nail polising


How will you apply?  

1-First, clean the nails thoroughly.

2-Paint all your nails with black nail polish as the base color. (Or the different colours which you want)

3-Place the tape or V sticker near the tips as shown in the picture.

4-Paint the base half with the glitter nail polish.

5-Wait 2-3 minutes for drying.

6-After drying, remove the tape or V sticker.

7-Seal it all with a top layer.

That’s all. Go to the party and enjoy it.

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