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Get look the metalic eyeliner

Perhaps the trickiest tool in your makeup bag, eyeliner can seem daunting, even when it’s basic black or brown. Introduce a bright metallic hue, and you might feel ready to give up all together. Have no fear. With patience, a bit of practice, and the expert tips below, you’ll be drawing the right line in no time.


get the look, metalic eyeliner


The professionals offer tips on how-to recreate the look above:

  • Start by sweeping a neutral taupe shadow across your lid to anchor the color.
  • Choose a rich jewel tone like dark purple, green or bronze. (These colors tend to be more flattering than say a brilliant turquoise.)
  • Apply the liner in short strokes along the upper lash line, and keep the line very thin.
  • Go back and fatten the line from the inner corner towards the middle of your lid, tapering towards the outer corner. (A slight upward slant is optional for a more exotic look.)
  • Apply at least two coats of mascara. For this look, you want all the attention on the eye area.

To complete the look, use a matte foundation and a bit of loose powder on your face. For a stained – almost watercolor – look on your lips, apply lip color right from the tube, and blot like crazy. Finish by smudging any hard lines with a cotton swab. The key to this look is to mix multiple textures.

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