Fashion Of The 1920s And The Clothing Trends

“What did the people wear in the 1920s?” Did you ever wonder it? We wondered and prepared this article. The answer of this question is about what the people were doing or where the people were working and also the time of the day. Morning, noon or evening. After reading this article, you will see the 1920s from a different perspective. Here is the types of the dresses  in the 1920s.


Fashion Of The 1920s


Have you got any idea about how often men and women change clothing in a day before the 1940s? There was a lot of dress for every time of day and every type of party. The specific types of clothing for every age, class, and occupation was ready in a huge wardrope. Each kind of dress in a 1920s wardrobe had a specific set of guidelines about when and how they were to be worn. What were these rules? For morning dress, afternoon dress, evenings dress and night dress.

Let’s explore the women’s fashion  in the 1920s.



The housewife wears a basic cotton clothing and black thick cotton socks. Shoes are low-heeled. Woman’s aprons are mostly handmade and durable. White collar is used for the housedress. Clothes are colourful embroidery plaids. A cotton housedress is the only dress for the poor people in all the activities.


dress 1920



Dresses are basic but they are higher quality than cotton prints. A walking suit paired with a durable pair of mid-heel T-Strap shoes. A tailor-made dress prepared of a silk blend crepe. Dresses fit loose and generally slipped on overhead. A small collar with a bow tie at the neck. And colours; white in summer, red, green, yellow and blue year round. The difference between city dresses and country dresses in Europe (Especially West Europe) is far more pronounced than in US.  American peoples like to wear whatever colour they liked.

1920s dresses 1



Wearing the best dresses on Sunday’s in church isn’t a part of these years culture. Women wear dresses which they wear on the street. The simple and non-distracting dresses, hat and gloves is appreciated in church on Sunday’s.


church dress



The most popular and common activity between the women is having tea with neighbours or friends. A tea party clothing is an afternoon clothing which is made of brighter or lighter materials. The afternoon clothing is a thing of sophisticated pure beauty. White dresses are for summer, pastels or jewel tones are for the other seasons.


party dresses



For the formal parties, high or medium heels, sleeveless dress and jewelries. Evening dresses are made of fine materials like chiffon, silk and light velvet. Young women usually wears sleeveless and the old women wears long sleeves. Beaded dresses are the most glamorous dresses. Some dresses have metal sequins but not much ones. The short and fringed flapper clothes are ’20s legend.


party dress

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