Fall Inspired Makeup – Contour and Highlight

In this article, it’s all about full makeup inspiration with contouring and highlighting. Start by hydrating the skin using the instant light spray makeup based.



Apply onto the skin and with fingertip I will tap into her skin so that I make sure that the product is getting inside. Next is highlight and I’m using the concealer and number one and my concealer brush which is a number 17 to add into the areas that I want to add more light to which is the center of her for head the under area. By throwing it “V” shape this is full coverage concealer so the pigment will feel really very intense the chin and I will add also a little bit under her eyebrow to lift them up next this contour and I’m using The Divine Mark liquid foundation and number 50 and my concealer brush which is a number 18 to add to the areas that I want to add more shadow to which is the roots of her hair cheek the nose and also her jaw line. I will add a little bit over the lips as well to add more dimension. And now it’s time for blending. To make the blending very easy. I will add onto my brush which is in Number 10 the divine Mark liquid foundation and number 30. I will blend everything together making sure that I keep the highlighted areas and the contoured areas in focus. So I don’t blend everything together. I classify the face generally into three parts the upper the middle and the lower. And I blend each part separately. I’m lending now her cheeks.


And when I feel that the blending is really popped out and I don’t have any harsh lines it means that I need to stop puffing out her highlights with a dry beauty blender to top everything onto her skin and then move to the blending of the nose with the brush Number 10 that will give me more precision while blending this area. I’m gonna set everything together using my filter effect loose powder and no zero point to do with any powder puff that you have. It’s extremely important. While buffing the powder not to move the pop onto the face just by stopping adding more dimension with the mineralized powder from Mark and giving me sun and Bush number 39. Next is high. And I’m using the artist palette from other studs. Yeah. Beverly Hills and the dark big Burgundy sorry color to have it as my base. And then with my fingertip I will puff the color so that it’s smooth and ready for my eyeshadow application next with my applicator brush which is a number 15 I will use Matt brown color. This is also from upstart to set. My base and then I will put it out using a reddish or orange color also from an outside Beverly Hills.



This is from the Miami pilot using brush number 15. I will add a shimmery color and this is from the heat pilot from urban decay. It’s more orange sheet bronze color and moving into the lower part of her eyes going to do the exact same thing using my pencil brush which is a number 21. I will pass out the colors with brush number 15 and connecting them together so that I can give her that you look elongate the shape that you see. And now I will mark her water line. This is from England gel eyeliner. I will apply it inside the water line and then I will pump it out with a black eye shadow. My angle Bush which is a number twenty four while buffing out it’s extremely important to blend everything together. I will add eyeliner on her upper lip so that I make sure that each of her lashes are extremely black and they are lined perfectly. Next is the eyebrows on I’m using a brown eyeshadow just to fill out her eyebrows and a very natural way so that I don’t focus a lot on sharpening the look I’m applying lashes and these are from Lily Kelly she in Venice. That will give me the complete flow. Now to add some more glam to this look I will apply glitter and this is the gold glitter from makeup whatever Diamond powder. And number three I’m going gold stop light under her eye area. I will to tap a little bit also on the areas that I added the shadow so that gives this extra sparkle and charming eyes. I will apply a youth color on her lips so that I keep the focus on the eyes.



And I make sure that I draw the lips in a symmetrical way. I will add a little bit more bluster and this ginger leaf from Mark with my impression number 39 highlighter is a secret highlighter that I’m still working on perfecting the formula. But I think it’s getting together just a little bit. The areas that you feel that need more light. Here’s a quick before and after.

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