Diet Tips For The Snacker

Are you one of those that snacks all day long, you always have to be munching on something? Even with healthy food all those calories can add up to extra pounds.

Chances are it is not the food you are actually craving, but the oral fixation of always having something to feel and taste in your mouth. Try switching to a cup of tea the next time you get the urge to nibble. Tea is packed with antioxidants and has enough flavor to satisfy your snack urges.


Diet Tips For The Snacker


Love fruit? You can try the Ginger Peach Black Tea. If you are looking for a delicate and exotic concoction then a white tea is the perfect match for you. For the mouth with a more savory palate rooibos (pronounced roy-boss) teas and green teas have a more earthy quality and come in a variety of blends. Rooibos tea, also called red bush tea is grown in South Africa and has more antioxidents than green tea, is known for minimizing the effects of free radicals, and boosts your immune system. A beauty and health treatment all in one, my favorite mixture is blueberry rooibos, an earthy and sweet combination with an unusual twist.


Ginger Peach Black Tea


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