Customizable Jeweleries, Azure Magnetic Necklace and Bracelet

Azure Magnetic Necklace and Bracelet

Azure Magnetic Necklace is an interesting peace of jewelery, because each individual link (even the colored disks) is a magnet without any other kind of links or strings other than their incredible magnetic force.

There is two Azure products, the Necklace and the Bracelet. They are sold together. But if you prefer to wear them separately, you can buy the necklace, and create your mono or multicolor bracelet just by choosing your favorite pieces.

The products have 9 different color and of course silver links and were designed by French artist Ingrid Kelleman. Ingrid’s colors bring beauty and sophistication to complement and adorn your own world of color. The color appliques are a high-density glass-like polythylene, which means they won’t crack or shatter if dropped.