Cosmetic Surgery Alternative

Cosmetic surgery alternative; How to make peace with your look

WhFeeling good about the way you looky do some people go under the knife?

Some people to seek out cosmetic surgery generally have a positive self-image, despite being unusually focused on one or more aspects of their appearance. In fact, some even feel better about their overall appearance than do people who aren’t interested in cosmetic surgery. But is that the only method to improve your psychological well-being? Usually, people don’t talk much to another people about the fears of cosmetic surgery and alternatives. We have to agree the surgeries had great results, but we have to think it could’ve been otherwise. What about then?

We all need to feel good about how we look and maximize our look. Sometimes the reasons that determines us, women to make big life changes are depressions, brake-ups or making some guy more interested. We are not saying that is not enough reason if you really believe it is, but we have to say the surgery isn’t the right solution to your problem. Or at least you should look for an alternative…

Some of us think we should read tones of books before having a child and it’s right, we have to read to be a good mother. And also we can read the books about health and health researches. There are well written books on the market and well researched that can give you some insides on the risk you’re taking or help you to find out if your new look will really give you a plus of self-confidence.


Feeling Good About The Way You Look

We recommend you “Feeling Good About The Way You Look” by Sabine Wilhelm. This book revolves around a cognitive-behavioral therapy program that changes how you think about your appearance.Teaches you to organize your thoughts, asses satisfaction about various body parts, behavior and rituals. Then to set goals. Wilhelm provides questionnaires and worksheets to guide you and help direct your thoughts. She teaches you to recognize and eliminate your negative thoughts – which are really bad for your feelings of self-worth. It’s hard work, and it’ll require you to delve deep into your thought and behavior patterns, but at the end you’ll likely be a lot happier with your body. Your thoughts will be more positive, your self-acceptance high, and your feelings of self-worth strong and healthy.

Wilhelm also discusses when it’s appropriate to take medication (if, for instance, your body image beliefs have morphed into Body Dysmorphic Disorder and have been diagnosed by a doctor) and if/when you should consider plastic surgery.

Healthy days.