Chevron Nail Polishing

Chevron Nail Polishing 

Hey girls, I hear you. You think that it is a complicated nail art. Don’t worry! It’s not. Actually very easy to do this. Follow the instructions. We used red, blue and white colours but as you know you can use the colours and shapes which you want. It’s up to you. Choice your colours in your mind and enjoy.

What will you need?

1-Red nail polish

2-Blue nail polish

3-White nail polish

4-Tape (For the shapes)


Chevron Nail Polishing


How will you apply?  

1-First, clean the nails thoroughly.

2-Paint all your nails with red as the base color. (Or the different colours which you want)

3-Place the tape on your nails carefully. Do the same shape as shown.

4-If your tape is ready, paint your nails with the blue one.

5-Wait 2-3 minutes for drying.

6-After drying, pull off the tape.

7-Place the tape on your nails again as shown near the cuticle.

8-Paint this area near the cuticle with the white one.

9-Again wait 2-3 minutes for drying.

10-After drying, remove the tape.

11-Seal it all with a top layer.

That’s all. Enjoy it.

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