Bow Nail Polishing

Bow Nail Polishing

Bow nail polishing is an incredibly simple. You can easily do it. This nail art is casual so it always can be worn. Sometimes in a party, sometimes in the school. And sometimes in work too. Are you ready to start? Let’s do it.


What will you need?

1-Sky blue or light green nail polish

2-Black nail polish

3-Nail paint brush (You can use a nail striper too or use very fine paint brush)


Bow Nail Polishing


How will you apply? 

1-First, clean the nails thoroughly.

2-Apply the light green shade to your nails as your base colour.

3-Paint over the nails with white colour in a heart shape.

4-Using very fine paint brush dipped in black nail polish (or a nail striper), follow the shape where the blue area and the white area meet and make two loops at the middle so that the shape looks like a bow.

5-Seal it with a last top layer.

And That’s all. Finished. Enjoy it.


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