Beauty Before Age

As women mature we find that our skins texture can change and new unwanted guests start popping up like crow’s feet and sunspots. The right products can help but overall you must embrace age. Age means life and experience and you have earned those laugh lines! Celebrate it and don’t hate it — we are all going down the same road together, united, one. Here are some quick and easy makeup and skin care tips to help the journey be a smooth one.

Maintain Moisture

Moisture gets lost at this age so it’s a good idea to put it back for supple skin. I also suggest an eye cream at night with antioxidants for a rejuvenating kick. Glycolic peels from your dermatologist will minimize the appearance of wrinkles and there are plenty of products on the market that you can use if you don’t want to make the expensive appointment. You can try these products.


Beauty Before Age


Makeup Miracles

When it comes to makeup a lot of mature women complain about disappearing or fading makeup. This is easily remedied by choosing waterproof eyeliners. Stick with powder eye shadows because creams will crease. Mascaras will stay put all day and night for the lady who suffers from raccoon eyes at the end of the day.

Get Glowing

You may find at an older age that your glow has gone. Don’t fret … just bring it back with a little makeup magic. After applying foundation add a little bit of shimmering highlighter under the eyebrows and on the inside corners of the eyes. This will make the eyes really sparkle. Under the eyebrows, the inner corners of the eyes and the lips are the only places you should use shimmer now as you get older.

For the rest of your makeup stick with matte formulas. Using a radiant primer under foundation will give you a glowing complexion as well. Primer will level out your complexion and foundation will glide on easily over it.

Age Spots

For age spots use a little concealer to hide them away. Take a small-tipped concealer brush and dab it on the spot after you apply foundation. Finish off with powder and it will stay hidden all day.

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